Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidential Ski House

Today is President's Day, and while I have no indication that George Washington or Abraham Lincoln were skiers, I do know of one more recent president who was...President Gerald Ford.
The Ski House of the Day is President Ford's former ski house in Beaver Creek, Colorado:

So how did a president come to have a ski house in this location anyway?
During his presidency (1974-77), Ford had a condo at Vail, and was a frequent skier there (Vail 1974):
President Ford skiing in Vail, Colorado.
But around that time Beaver Creek, Vail's sister resort just 7 miles down the road, was being developed.  In 1979, the year before Beaver Creek opened, President Ford was offered first choice of the ski-in ski-out lots there -- as a gift.  This presidential house sits on the lot he selected.  The former president and his wife moved into this house in 1983.  (The house was listed for sale for $9.8 million).

Although it's been renovated since President Ford skied and lived here (until his passing at age 93 in 2006) here's a rare opportunity to see inside the ski house of a President:

I love this indoor pool which President Ford is said to have used on a daily basis until he was in his 90's!...

...and elegant wine cellar:

World leaders and other US Presidents have been guests in this house, and I can't help wondering how many of them put on their skis with President Ford and went out back for a ski run or two on "President Ford's Run," the trail right out back.  With historical significance, this elegant ski house is very presidential indeed.

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