Friday, February 17, 2012

Unique Tree House in the French Alps

Here's an entirely different kind of ski house, one that's actually up in a tree!  If you're a skier who searches out places to ski in the trees, here you can spend the night in the trees as well.  It's the charming Treehouse of Saint-Jean d'Aulps, a village in the Alpes in southeastern France.

It's a totally unique one-room Treehouse (about 10 ft. X 15 ft.), perched up in the trees.  If you're there for the backcountry skiing, you might be tempted to climb the tree to get in, but you'll find the snowy access ladder pretty convenient too.   Fortunately there's a ski-locker because, although inviting, space is pretty tight inside.  The one-room Treehouse contains a tiny but complete kitchenette in one corner, and a bedroom area (and tiny bathroom) alcove tucked into the opposite corner.

As you would expect, there's a (realtively) large treetop deck with a birds-eye view of the mountains, and a tree growing up through it.

Even though it's really compact, there is an unexpected measure of luxury (for a treehouse) appears to have a heated towel rack (!), an espresso maker, a set of wine glasses, wifi, etc.  No bad for a treehouse!

Skiing in the village of Saint-Jean d'Aulps is at either La Grande Terche (uncrowded, with lots of off-piste skiing) or l'Espace Roc d'Enfer ("Hell Rock"!).  These ski areas are part of the Portes du Soleil (a group of 14 ski areas in France and Switzerland served by a single lift pass).  In addition to great skiing, this small village has some interesting places to see including an 11th century abbey;  and as for the locals, there is a higher than average percentage of English-speaking residents.
And since we're talking about a tree-house, if you're not skiing and you want to hop through the trees from branch to branch this village is the place to do it -  check out what they're doing at nearby Indiana Parc.

The Ski House of the Day is the unique, charming Treehouse in the trees of Saint-Jean d'Aulps.

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  1. Ah it looks amazing! Such gorgeous shots too! Really sorry to hear about the bum time you've been having since you've been back but things can only get better so keep your chin up lovely

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