Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Aspen Experiment:  Tiny Ski House

The Aspen experiment is this year's housing option for a lucky group of seasonal workers at Aspen Skiing Company who are living in one of the six brand new tiny homes this winter, according to Aspen Times.

Affordable, yet suitable winter housing is a tricky problem in an area where demand for seasonal housing swells with the ski season, and where the average rent is more than double (and sometimes exponentially beyond) that of the national average.   Hence, the Aspen experiment:  the creative solution of rolling in some very cool new tiny ski houses on wheels.

The tiny homes, similar to this one, were made by Sprout Tiny Homes.

Each tiny ski house is only about 500 sq ft in size...but, according to Sprout are strong, sustainable, green, energy efficient homes with chemical-free interiors.  Complete with kitchens and bathrooms, the tiny homes offer very modern, stylish, surprisingly upscale and functional interiors....with lots of windows to invite in those Aspen views.  Nice.  (Skico is reportedly targeting a rental rate around $600 per month per person for their employees in a tiny ski house).

The tiny ski homes have been set up in a local Aspen campground, which has both the infrastructure to instantly support the homes, as well as bus transportation to the mountain(s)/work.   Pretty sweet for those who got first tracks on this deal!

Skico purchased six of Sprout's tiny homes for the experiment;  and if all goes well, they could be in for many more in the years to come.  I'm hoping it works out, because it sounds like a step in the right direction.

It's a tiny experiment...with huge potential!