Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Slalom House

The Slalom House, a totally unique structure, is an innovative, new concept introduced by Shokhan Mataibekov in the city of Astana (a planned city in which there are numerous futuristic buildings) in Kazakhstan (formerly part of the Soviet Union).

It's a 21-story apartment building that has as its dramatic, imposing, functional feature...a ski slope that spirals around the exterior of the building from the rooftop to the ground level!  This amazing structure gives new meaning to ski-in/ski-out!  The building is called The Slalom House, for obvious reasons:

If approved, it will contain 421 two-bedroom apartments, wrapped up in a 1,000 ft outdoor snowflex-covered ski-slope.  This means residents will be able to ski right from their apartment, in the city, in any season!  Think of the possibilities:  forget the treadmill - how about a quick couple of runs before work in the morning, or for the kids who live here there will always be friends wanting to come over to play, and those single millennials who live here have a built-in destination to invite a date over for some night skiing and maybe a little apres-ski.

I think the Slalom House is a very cool city-style, year-round ski house!  And after Kazikhstan, I'd love to see it duplicated in a place near me.

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