Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bode Miller's Ski House

The Ski House of the Day is Bode Miller's ski house at Bretton Woods, NH.  Bode Miller, who was born and raised in rural New Hampshire (in a log cabin without electricity or indoor plumbing!), won 5 medals in the winter Olympics (the most of any US skier), including his Gold in Vancouver 2010.  His ski house has some really interesting features such as a tree trunk that seems to be growing up out of the living room floor, angular architecture, open staircase, hot tub with a view of the slopes, fireplace in the master bedroom, and private balcony off the master.  (Unfortunately, the photos are no longer availabel). The Bode Miller ski house is located about 3 minutes from the slopes of Bretton Woods (where, by the way, you can ski on "Bode's Run" ), and about 20 miles from Cannon (where Bode spent his early years skiing).

This efficient kitchen in his house looks like a nice place to prepare a healthy skiers breakfast (maybe something local and Bode's breakfast) before hitting the slopes.

Bode Miller is known for his spectacular ski racing ability as well as his largely unconventional approach on and off the slopes; so some might find his ski house (which is inviting and even family friendly, rather than unconventional) to be a bit of a surprise.  (You might also want to check out Bode Miller's Turtle Ridge Foundation to support adaptive and youth sports programs).  Bode Miller's Bretton Woods house looks like a great ski house, with direct connections to Olympic gold, and owned by someone who is considered "the most accomplished ski racer of his generation."

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