Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Skiers Castle

The Ski House of the Day is this castle-like Teton Village mansion on the slopes of Jackson Hole:

This magnificent ski house is a 5 bedroom, 5+ bathroom, 6,800+ sq. ft. stone and timber masterpiece with dramatic views of the slopes.  (By the way, it's on the market for $12.7 million).  Because of its imposing stone work, high ceilings, arches, and turret-like structures, it reminds me of a more comfortable version of the castles in Europe.

But...those castles don't have direct access to skiing as good as this:

Even the chandeliers inside remind me of something from a castle... does the arch, and the stone fireplace in the kitchen...

I love the windows in this beautiful ski house.  Only such tall floor-to-ceiling windows allow for views of the summit as well as the nearby ski trail while comfortably seated by the fire.  Perfect!

What a gorgeous bedroom (I'd say it's fit for royalty!):

And for those who must do a little business while in a ski's this gem for a work space?  (...wish I were writing these words from that office right now!)...

I'd feel pretty regal skiing out of here.....after all, it does look like a skiers castle, doesn't it?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Park City Mansion

The Ski House of the Day is the Utah home of billionaire, businessman and philanthropist, Jon Huntsman, Sr., (father of former GOP presidential hopeful, Jon Huntsman, Jr.).  According to, this Park City mansion is a 20,000 sq ft, 12-bedroom, 16 bathroom home (listed for sale for $49.5 million).  This enormous luxury log home has spectacular western decor, a huge indoor pool, sunken/tiled jacuzzi , a gym, a dizzying game room (billiards, ping-pong, air hockey, pin-ball...) and more.  The gated, 60-acre property also includes two garages which keep that Utah snow off of 22 cars!   Here's a peek at this unbelievably breathtaking ski mansion (and if you want, you can see even more of it on Business Insider):
park city utah $49.5 million home

Inside, you'll feel as if you're at a ski lodge

The fireplace is great for getting cold nights

The dining room seats 20

The family room is right off the kitchen, perfect for socializing

There are more than three fireplaces in the home

The game room is perfect for inviting friends over

The master bedroom really makes you feel as if you're in a log cabin

The hallways keep with the wood theme

The pool looks perfect for swimming laps

The jacuzzi


Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Ski Hut

The Ski House of the Day is a fun little log cabin called The Ski Hut.  It differs from the other Ski Houses of the Day because it is not merely built near a ski trail, but rather it came from a ski trail... it originates from and literally grew out of a ski trail!  The hut was built by Jalopy Cabins, a small and exceptionally eco-friendly builder (or in my opinion, a construction artist) in Colorado.  Jalopy Cabins' website describes them as:  "Makers of unique small cabins built with reclaimed materials."  And the The Ski Hut, is a perfect example of that:

The Ski Hut is a 10 ft X 16 ft one-room log cabin (plus a 6-ft front porch) built of logs that were reclaimed from trees that had grown along and fallen across the ski slopes of the Wolf Creek Ski Area in Pagosa, Colorado.  Jalopy Cabins hand-peeled the logs and you can see the rustic beauty that is the end result of those efforts.   And that welcoming, white-as-snow front door?  It was salvaged (formerly bright orange), painted, given a shiny new (working) door-knob, and thus given a cheerful new lease on life:

The nice-looking windows in The Ski Hut were someone else's "mistake" order, so they complemented the project very well;  and the rafters and roofing were salvaged from an old house/barn and are perfect above the logs in The Ski Hut.

A few new things (such as new insulation in the ceiling and floor, plus electrical wiring, nails and the chinking sealing the spaces between the logs) had to be used in the process.  But their focus is working with whatever materials they have, or what they can come up with, as opposed to buying/using/consuming new.  One of the owners of Jalopy Cabins pointed out in an interview, on Pagosaphotography, that the reason there are no models or options for specific cabins on their website is because each cabin is unique and is determined by the materials that are available at the time they are needed.  Check out the video tour of The Ski Hut.

I think The Ski Hut is adorable and has a very real feeling of environmental responsibility plus a connection with the past (isn't this the same way people of early American generations built their homes too?).  And by the way,  I think it's pretty cool to consider how many skiers might have gazed at, skied among, or jumped over these logs years before they became The Ski Hut.

According to Jalopy Cabins' Facebook page, The Ski Hut was recently sold (asking price was $18,000 including delivery / set-up on the buyers property), so I'm not sure where it is now.  But hopefully The Ski Hut is somewhere with skis out on that front porch and skiers inside!

If you know where this Ski Hut is now, I'd love to know!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Idaho Ski Mansion

Today actor Bruce Willis celebrates his 57th birthday...and in honor of that occasion, The Ski House of the Day is his spectacular ski mansion in Sun Valley, Idaho:
This isn't your ordinary ski house: it sits on 20 acres of lakefront property

According to Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal a few months ago, Bruce Willis listed this mansion for sale for $15 million (with Sotheby's).  This ski house is 8,400 sq ft of luxury;  and the 20-acre lakefront estate also includes a huge pool, detached guest house, and gym.  I think it is absolutely gorgeous:
There's a huge stone fireplace in the living room

(Hey...what are those awards on the mantle?)...
Here's another, smaller fireplace, in view of the first

Even this cozy breakfast nook

There are six bedrooms and what do you know? This one has a fireplace too

There are six bathrooms; this one is gigantic

A shower with stone benches

These colors are a departure from most of this house's elegantly muted neutral decor, but the prayer flags are a welcome and familiar sight to many mountaineers and extreme skiers:
Did one of Bruce's kids hang these Buddhist prayer flags?

Tons of places to crash for apr├Ęs-ski time

You don't have to be a "Die Hard" skier to appreciate how fantastic this house is...and I have a "Sixth Sense" that this house will be a very special place for whomever ends up in it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Snow Den

Vermont's Mount Snow starts the St. Patrick's Day celebration a day early, today, with its $17 ticket (if you pre-purchase).  And if you're there to celebrate the Green...the Ski House of the Day is a place where your kids can immerse themselves in green even while they's at the huge and unique Snow Den Cottage:

Check out this kids bunk's totally green:

The house has four fireplaces, and 6+ bedrooms all decorated in a unique and interesting way, including Master Bedroom #1...

...and Master Bedroom #2...

The living room area looks cheerful and comfortable:

and take a look at this beautiful kitchen (I can almost smell the Irish soda bread baking):

I'd love an apres-ski meal at this dining table right in front of the fireplace (Guinness with your corned beef & cabbage, anyone?):

The house also has a game room and a lot more in its immense 5,800 sq ft.  Just a half mile from the base, and with views of Mt Snow from most of the windows in this unique cottage, I think this would be a fantastic place for a St. Patty's Day ski trip -- especially for the lucky leprechauns who get to wake up in that green bunk room on St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Steamboat Ski House

The Ski House of the Day is the Steamboat Ski House, located less than a mile from the slopes of Steamboat and just a few miles from downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

This is a privately owned home, but the owners run it as a something of a very private guest house, using the upper floor themselves and renting out the private master suite on the first floor (which includes use of various common areas too).  While not for everyone, many skiers would agree that this kind of arrangement is ideal when visiting a new ski area, because it provides not only a comfortable place to stay, but instant local guidance, local skier camaraderie, and assistance in getting to know the best places to ski, dine, and visit!  (It's been years since I was skiing at Steamboat....but this would have been a much better choice than the rental place we locked ourselves out of in Steamboat).


The log furnishings are beautiful:
4__sitting_area_512 is this spa-like shower:


This ski house even has a happy "house dog" to greet you:

There's something very welcoming about this ski house...maybe it's the big sunny windows, maybe the friendly-looking dog (Molly Brown), or maybe it's the attitude summed up in the comment (by The Steamboat Stash pirate) on the Steamboat Guest House website:

“Where ever I have been fortunate enough to travel, I have remained the most connected if I had some piece of experience beyond being a tourist – meeting someone, ‘discovering’ something on my own etc. It makes a difference.” ~ The Steamboat Stash Pirate