Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ski-On-the-Roof Cabin in Norway

This mountain cabin gives new meaning to the phrase "ski house"... because you can actually ski on the house!   In response to a client's desire to be able to ski on the roof of their new ski house, Fantastic Norway (an innovative and unique architectural studio/group) designed the home to allow just that!
Mountain Hill Cabin by Fantastic Norway

The Mountain Hill Cabin is designed as a landscape element which leads wind around and over the building, and which also reduces snow strain.  The architect's website points out that the cabin's shape resembles an abstract mountainscape.  Indeed it does.  In fact, it's hard to tell where the house ends and the mountain hill begins.
Mountain Hill Cabin by Fantastic Norway

According to DeZeen Magazine, the location of this triangular timber cabin is in the mountains of Al, Norway, where it will be a private retreat that can only be reached by skis. Construction is to be completed this summer.  Because it's designed to be a house that you can ski on, Fantastic Norway's Mountain Hill Cabin is the Ski House of the Day.  I think it's fantastic!

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