Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh Canada!

Today is Canada Day, so I decided to check out some ski houses in Canada, and I found this sprawling, magnificent, lakefront estate in Nelson, BC.  It was recently operated as a luxury B & B (which has now closed) and the property is currently on the market (for C $2.4).  What a spectacular ski house this will make for someone!  On Canada Day, the Ski House of the Day is this magnificent Canadian house:

This area is home to some of the best deep powder skiing in North America with Whitewater Ski Resort nearby, and Big Red in Rossland.  For the adventurous, there's also Selkirk Wilderness Skiing and numerous other snow-cat, back-country and heli-skiing opportunities as well.  The mountains in this area get upwards of 40 ft of snow per ski season - amazing deep powder!

So, surely this house gets its share of snow, which transforms it into a winter-wonderland among the tall pine trees:

The house (with exceptionally lovely gardens in summer) is situated on a 2-acre lakefront property on beautiful (75-mile+ long) Kootenay Lake!  There are lake, forest and mountain views all this view from the dining room:

There's a large kitchen, but this magnificent (AGA) stove has to be its most stunning feature...I think it's the most beautiful stove ever!  I love that deep cobalt blue color, and look at all those separate baking compartments.  There could be some serious apres-ski cooking / baking magic happening here:

The house has five bedrooms;  here's a peek at one of them...nice post and beam construction and vaulted ceiling:

In addition to a cedar sauna, here's a soothing place to soak away the aching muscles apres-ski:

This house seems to go on and on...but for me here's the best feature of all...this house has an incredible indoor swimming pool in a gorgeous tropical atrium with a soaring ceiling!  Imagine swimming in here and watching the snow falling just outside all those windows:

....with a view of the lake and mountains beyond:
....simply breathtaking!   With this beautiful, inviting pool, I think I might have a hard time deciding whether to ski or swim!

With Canadian flags proudly flying in Nelson and all over Canada today...'s a look at how they celebrate Canada Day in Nelson.
Nelson, and this fantastic ski house, are absolutely glorious! Happy Canada Day, eh!

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