Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ski Lodge for International Women's Day

International Women's Day is today...and we women are supposed to show our strength and value by wearing red and not doing things.  While I get that, and I will wear red,  I'd prefer to focus on the active, productive, positive power of women.  Women in business, politics, sports and government are making positive progress every day.  Women skiers all over the world are demonstrating their strength and skills in the white Pow every day.  And in all sorts of other pursuits, women are making first tracks in many powerful, positive ways.

While International Women's Ski Day is celebrated in December, today's International Women's Day expands that to include all women, whether skiers or not. So my goal today is to combine both, and highlight a place that celebrates women (skiers or not) on a regular basis. And that's how I found this place;  and that's why the words "Every Day is International Women's Ski Day" impressed me so much.

The ski area is Whitewater in Nelson, BC.  Their interesting website features a blog, written by a woman, who points out that Whitewater is women-friendly (in many ways) everyday of the year! Check out Gina B and her blog for her eloquent description of how every day is international women's ski day at Whitewater...and while you're at it, check out Gina B's non-profit foundation, Outdoor Women's Alliance, which promotes leadership and confidence for women.  That vibe is the kind of positive female energy that I think today's International Women's Day is all about!

The Ski House of the Day is featured on Whitewater's site, and looks like the perfect place for a group of women to relax apres-ski (or any other time), celebrate their first tracks, revel in their abilities, share in each other's accomplishments, and generate positive female energy and encouragement.  The ski house is called Logden Lodge and is located in the Kootenays, of British Columbia, Canada.  It consists of four, very private cabins situated on an expansive 42 acres of forest along the Elise Creek, near skiing at Whitewater, and more.  (Gina B even says the cabins look like something out of Architectural Digest!).

To me, the cabins look charming and inviting...with warm and cozy spaces by the woodstove,

...bathrooms with (the oh-so-nice-after a hard day of skiing) large soaking tubs,

...and other things like luxury bedding, plush robes, and the all-important keep-your-feet-dry from the melted snow-droppings:  slippers!

This ski house seems like a perfect place for whomever might be there on International Women's Day today...hopefully it's a group of women wearing red while skiing (like these) at Whitewater...

 Whether you're a skier or not, whether you're a woman or not, I hope you will focus on the active, positive, productive power of women on this day...and every day.

And just one more thing about this awesome Canadian ski is co-owned by a woman!

A happy, positive and powerful International Women's Day to all!