Monday, January 26, 2015

Mitt Romney's New Ski House...On the Trail: Success or Last Chance?

Will 2016 be one last chance for Mitt Romney to schuss his way out onto the political campaign trail for one more run?  We'll soon see, because right now Romney seems to be poised to announce his third run for the White House.

Meanwhile, let's take a peek at the ski house where, if you look closely enough, you might see the white smoke of those presidential aspirations wafting out of the massive stone chimney, and those potential donors warming the deep pockets of their parkas by the fireplace.

According to Mitt Romney has a fancy new ski chalet in Deer Valley; so the Ski House of the Day is, one more time, a ski house belonging to Mitt Romney.


Like the Romney's previous ski house, their new ski chalet is an extremely impressive slope-side mansion near Salt lake City, Utah.  It's a gorgeous 6-bedroom, 8-bathroom log home with over 8,700 sq.ft. of ski house luxury.  Absolutely stunning!

(Do you think they actually ski?  In the snow? Alongside regular skiers?  What kind of skis emerge from this house? And does Mitt Romney remain perfectly coiffed under a ski helmet?  These are some of the questions I'll be listening for when he's "on the trail").

Anyway, the house was listed for $8.9 million shortly before the Romney's ("trust") bought it about a year ago.

I think this is one fantastic log "cabin" with gorgeous views plus, of course, a ski-in ski-out location.  And check out this fabulous private hot tub sunken into the perfect Utah powder.  Absolutely spectacular!

But here's the thing I really noticed about Mitt Romney's new ski's situated right on a ski trail named:  "Success."

Huh?  Anybody superstitious?  Could "Success" be the reason they selected this particular ski house?

And, there's more:  Romney's house is situated between two ski trails:  the one called "Success" and the other called ....."Last Chance."  I can't make this stuff up!

So, on the campaign trail, as on the ski trail, Romney could be heading out for a run on Success, or one on Last Chance....which will it be?

As much as I'd love for our next President to be a skier, and have a luxury slope-side ski house (like Gerald Ford), I'm not so sure that this will be the one.  But there's no denying that this ski house sure is on the right "trail" to entice skiing supporters, friends, and that very large family preparing to take a run.

No matter what the 2016 election may bring, as long as they're skiing from this ski house, the Romney's can be sure to experience a "Last Chance" or "Success" as many times as they want.

Update Feb. 9, 2015:  Looks like the Romney's have decided to settle for Success on the ski trail, not the campaign trail.

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