Friday, January 9, 2015

Ski House Charlie

Today the Ski House of the Day is something very different, and is one that I, as a writer in a free country and a citizen of the world, noticed anew this week.  It exists only as long as people will allow it to.  It has a strong foundation after having been built over centuries;  yet it is uniquely fragile, and requires constant care. It is a thing of beauty, but a small few may be offended by its style, color, or occupants.  This is a place that is dynamically defined by any and all who embrace it - and that could include those who are offended by it.  It is an object of threat and envy for some, but even they would be welcome in it, if they chose to join those who appreciate its value.  Most importantly, however, it is fiercely protected by brave, enlightened, civilized people all over the world, so its future is rock solid and very secure.

This powerful ski house is made using only a pencil, and a voice.  Although some may try to destroy it, it stands strong.  How can it be found?  It is recognizable because it is the one whose bright lights cannot be turned off.  It's a beacon on top of a world-wide mountain.

Its name?  Let's just call it...Ski House Charlie.

Where is it?  Look around, maybe it's so close you don't even notice it.  Or maybe it's in the fleeting powder snow just beneath your skis...

Hopefully, everyone will eventually see its light, and embrace it.  Meanwhile, it's a cherished place that continues to stand as strong as ever.

Je suis Charlie

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