Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Ski Home

Today the first of the preliminary votes of the 2016 US Presidential election will be tallied;  it is New Hampshire Primary Day.  With billionaires central to this season's political conversation (those funding their purchased candidate, those running for President themselves, and those targeted for take-down by Sanders...), I'm wondering how many billionaires-in-chief have a ski house of their own in the ultra-rich ski town, Aspen, Colorado.  It has, after all, mountains of spectacular skiing (alongside those mountains of money)...and it's also the place for the wealthy to be seen.  But even Aspen billionaires aren't immune from less than respectable behavior...the slopes of Aspen were, after all, the site of that ugly on-the-ski-trail cat fight between Trump's (then) wife, and (then) girlfriend at Christmas in 1990.    

So... with those politically-minded billionaires in mind, check out the ski house that CNBC dubbed "the biggest home in the richest town in America."  The house is an astonishing 21,000 sq ft, on 7 slope-side acres, with features like a car turntable in its immaculate, massive garage.  In 2013, the incredible house was for sale at the reduced asking price of $40 million.  

On this 2016 New Hampshire Primary Day, this Aspen ski compound is my pick for Ski House of the Day.   
It is simply called "The Ski Home." 

Source: CNBC

There are not enough superlatives to describe this ski house, so I'll suggest the quick tour instead:

...and remember to vote!

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