Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Sweet Swap in Switzerland

Here's a ski house that could be just perfect for a Valentine's Day ski trip later this month:

I recently found this very sweet ski chalet on an interesting website that was new to me (although it's been around for several years)...Snow Swappers.  They way it works is that owners of ski houses join in order to "swap" with each other.  This way owning a ski house doesn't keep them stuck skiing the same mountain all the time. There are simply swap agreements between members -- no rentals, no sales, just a system of  "I'll let you use mine, if you let me use yours."  What a great concept!

Assuming that I'd find less-than-desirable ski houses here, I was pleasantly surprised when I actually browsed through to see what kind of places were being listed for swaps.  Ski houses of all types, all over the world, in some fabulous ski resorts, and many that were highly desirable...just like this one.

First, I'll say that when a ski house is in a location like this, I don't know why anyone would need to ski anywhere else because you can ski 400 miles (650 km) of trails right from the front door of this chalet!  It's in Morgins, Switzerland, and is connected to the expansive Portes du Soleil which is Europe's largest linked-together ski area:

The chalet itself looks adorable, and it seems pretty roomy with three bedrooms and two baths, plus the all-important heated ski boot room!

There's even comfy leather living room furniture for resting up after hitting all those trails:

So, for those lucky enough to own their own ski house...this is something to have a look at...and maybe swap for a cute chalet like this for a cozy Valentine's Day ski holiday.  Sweet swapping!

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