Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moose Meadow Lodge

There's a moose on the loose in Vermont...according to a recent news report a skier was chased off a ski trail at Sugarbush by a moose a few weeks ago!  I've been spooked by a herd of teenage boys on snowboards barreling down an icy trail behind me...but a moose?  Who expects that to come out of the woods and bully you off the trail?  Then again, speed-skiing away from a moose could be a great story to tell for years to come!

Either way, it inspires me to look for a ski house that's all about the moose;  so the Ski House of the Day is the Moose Meadow Lodge in Waterbury, Vermont.  Formerly a single-family home, the lodge was converted into a B&B.  It's situated on an sprawling, picturesque wooded mountain property.  Great skiing isn't far away at Stowe, Sugarbush, Bolton Valley, Mad River, and more.

There are just four guest rooms in this lodge's spacious 4,000 sq.ft.  Reminiscent of the great camps of the Adirondacks, this log lodge has a style all its own!

Before you even get inside, the moose weather-vane atop the house sets the moose-inspired tone:

The front steps seem welcoming and unique:

But it's on the inside that the lodge begins to reveal its unique personality with a cool, slightly quirky vibe that's all about the moose...and so much more!  If you like an abundance of theme decor (like I do) this place will thrill you.  Just inside, the display of vintage fishing gear and wooden canoe is a relaxed and unexpected welcome:

The unique collections seem to be the stick chair collection displayed on the wall, the puppets, teddy bears, vintage skis and snowshoes, fishing gear, and of course, the moose decor throughout the entire lodge.  Probably unmatched among all of these collections is the "wildlife trophy" collection starting with the signature 19-point moose head overlooking the fireplace...

and continuing with all sorts of other furry, feathered and finned creatures (even an African water buffalo!).

But the lodge reminds us that it is a ski house with its collection of gorgeous vintage wooden skis and ski poles included in the decor throughout.  In addition to all of that, each guest room has its own unique theme, with its own unique decor/collection, like the Duck Room:

...the cozy and adorable Teddy Bear Room:

...the fishing-inspired Creel Room...

...and the Mountain View Room ...with this beautiful Vermont mountain view:

Any moose out there?

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