Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun at Chalet La Couronne

The Ski House of the Day is Chalet La Couronne in La Tzoumaz Switzerland (part of  Les 4 Vallees Ski Area which links it to Verbier, Bruson, and more, to total 410 km of trails!).  La Tzoumaz is a family-friendly ski area on the north-facing side of the steep mountain area.  This lovely, spacious chalet is nestled up against the mountain cliff:

Chalet La Couronne has a bright and beautiful interior with a stone fireplace and an abundance of woodwork:

The kitchen is modern, sleek, and bright:

...and the custom wooden dining table is a lovely handmade feature:

With five bedrooms (plus 5 + bathrooms) there's room in the chalet for a big family:

And the view from Chalet La Couronne is pretty spectacular:

Here's what I think is the most unique feature...the chalet has a private funicular (...think inclined plane meets elevator and mini cog-railway) that takes you right to the ski trail, making this a ski-in ski-out chalet!  (I know how wimpy this must look to all those back-country skiers who hike and skin up miles of steeps...but for the rest of us, it's pretty cool). Check out this photo of skiers exiting the private funicular and arriving at the piste:

Looks like fun, as in FUNicular!

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  1. Awesome and cozy chalet! I love the kitchen and the bedroom. Great place to spend the winter holidays. Thanks for sharing.