Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ski Tipi

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Ski House of the Day is this amazing Tipi in the White Mountains of New England:

Like the Native-American way of life, the tipi is both dramatic and simple at the same time.  The tipi is located in the woods near Littleton, New Hampshire, on a totally private 31 acre site with numerous hiking trails in a setting that allows a complete connection with nature.  As said on the rental site for the tipi:  "you are unlikely to encounter any other humans, but be prepared to meet...turkey...and even moose!"

The tipi has a circular opening in the side which serves as its front door...and has flaps at the top that can be moved as needed while the central firepit is in use.   The tipi is 22 ft in diameter, and 24 ft tall, with a central stone firepit.  Furniture consists of five log couches arranged in a circle around the firepit.  There's room for ten people to sit around the crackling fire, and room for six to sleep.    There's a simple grate which can go over the fire, and a kettle for heating water.  Simple, basic, grounding...and fun.  For a really unique experience, I think the tipi is simply perfect!

The Pilgrims celebrated the original Thanksgiving with the Native Americans of nearby Massachusetts who actually lived in bark-covered structures, with animal skins inside.  No matter the housing distinction, this tipi is an amazingly unique place!

Ski areas nearby include Cannon, Loon and Bretton Woods, but in the winter wonderland surrounding the tipi in winter, cross-country skiing right out the door (...flap) could be the thing to do here.

The tipi reminds me of the significance of the basics...simple shelter, warmth, and camaraderie / cooperation with others....reminiscent of that original Thanksgiving and that Native American way of life.  Even though Thanksgiving is a day for Americans to give thanks, it's also a celebration of our earliest success achieved through the cooperation of our diverse cultures.

Simplicity, nature, and cooperation among different people (and of course, unique ski houses)....these are among the things I'll celebrate and give thanks for this year.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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