Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home of Legendary Canadian Olympian

With the Summer Olympics currently underway, I thought the time was right for a look at where a former Olympian lives.  The Ski House of the Day is the home of an amazing Olympic skier...who has devoted her lifetime to living the sport of skiing.  The skier is Nancy Greene, legendary Canadian Olympic skier, and the  "ski house" is Nancy Greene's Cahilty Lodge.  The lodge is more than a house, as it is actually a condo-hotel....but the lodge is home to Nancy Green, on the slopes of Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia.

This condo in Cahilty Lodge looks surprisingly spacious and complete...
(a similar flexible 3-bedroom "lock-off" version of this condo recently sold for $247,000)

...and check out its fantastic location right at the base of the ski trail:

But the thing that I think is most impressive about this "ski house" is the Olympic skier who built it, and now lives there, Nancy Greene.

Nancy Greene started skiing at age three at Red Mountain, and by the time she was a teenager she was on the Canadian ski team participating in the 1960 Olympics at Squaw Valley.  But it was her Olympic victory in Grenoble in 1968 that really made history.  She was favored going in, but suffered an injury just a month before the Olympics, and her chances were suddenly in serious jeopardy.  But she gave it everything she had...and even injured, Nancy decisively won the Gold!

Nancy (along with her husband) has taught skiing, coached skiing and has lead and been involved in numerous other endeavors to promote and expand the sport of skiing (too numerous are the accomplishments to list here!) ever since.   Nancy is the Director of Skiing at the resort, and according to the lodge's website she skis regularly with guests! (Skiing with an Olympic Gold medalist is a "golden" opportunity for guests, for sure!).

(Oh, and speaking of "Gold", the Liquid Gold Beer and Whiskey Festival will be happening there this weekend - sounds like that could be a good time, eh?).

So, this "ski house",  isn't just a ski me, (like Nancy's Olympic Gold) it represents what is possible in spite of challenges, and seems to be a tangible result of a life-long dedication to skiing.

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