Monday, July 23, 2012

Argentinian Log Cabin

If you're going to ski in South America, it may as well be at the largest ski resort there...Cerro Catedral.  And why not experience some "typical" local color too?  The Ski House of the Day is one that has just that - the local color of Argentina!  It's the Bariloche Log Cabin, in the Patagonia area of Argentina.  The cabin is a classic Patagonia style log and stone cabin...with custom made wooden details, handsome Bariloche masonry work, and an unusual integrated glass skylight in the ceiling. The rental website describes it as a handcrafted Patagonian architectural masterpiece!  (Yes, it is ski season in South America now):

I think the cabin looks quaint and cozy, and I like the fact that its style is typical of its locale:

One more locale-specific detail about this cabin is that is has a quincho.  Typical of cabins and homes in Argentina and Chile, but unfamiliar to me, a quincho is a separate, detached BBQ structure in which there is a built-in grill under a roof.   They sometimes have a thatched roof;  and the word "quincho" is sometimes translated as a BBQ hut or BBQ shack.  I love to grill and I use my gas grill often in the summer as well as the winter...but it's out in the weather (snow falling on the meat slows the cooking process).  So wow, it sure would be nice to have an entire separate structure strictly dedicated to grilling.  Here's a look at the outside of the quincho at the Bariloche Log Cabin:

What?  That's not the cabin...that's the quincho!  Looks like a pretty substantial structure to me!  And here's the inside of the quincho...plenty of wood for the fire(s)...and some near-the-fire seating :
Okay...I think the apres-ski dinner has to be something grilled at this ski house!   

And by the way, the skiing is at Cerro Catedral which is 20 minutes away.  On the trails...

...or in the back-country...

...(quincho aside)....the local color here is white.

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