Friday, June 15, 2012

Remarkable Valhalla Lodge

Tomorrow is opening day for the ski season at the Remarkables Ski Area in New Zealand;  and the nearby Ski House of the Day has a picture perfect view of the Remarkables Mountain Range.  The house is called the Valhalla Lodge, and has beautiful views of not only the mountains, but Lake Wakatipu as well:

This beautiful lodge has 5+ bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and is 5,100 sq ft of luxury in a gated Otago, New Zealand community.  It's 20-minutes from downtown Queenstown, and even closer to the airport.

In the living room (or formal "lounge" as it's called)  is a very nice stone fireplace: a second fireplace/wood-stove is in the family room.  This house really has a lot of style...and one of the things I love is the interesting ceiling design in the family room and lounge.  Plus, I notice that there seems to be recessed lighting in the ceiling everywhere which really brightens the rooms beautifully (and eliminates the clutter of other lighting):

This bright kitchen looks sparkling, bright, and well equipped.  And as a coffee lover, I really like the looks of that gigantic commercial coffee machine on the counter:
With that coffee-maker (and a big bowl of fruit like this) to start the morning, I think this fantastic kitchen could produce a first-class skiers breakfast, for sure.

One of the five bedrooms in Valhalla Lodge is this gorgeous monochromatic ivory-colored very luxurious:

The Remarkables Mountain Range is right behind the house...and the access road to get to the Remarkables "ski field" is just a 5 minute drive.  Just be careful driving up the mountain if it's snowing!

This huge and beautiful house is outfitted extremely well with many unexpected extras...but one of the really unique amenities of Valhalla Lodge is the fantastic wine cellar.  First, it's actually a cellar (under ground), secondly it's large and inviting; but even more astonishing is that it's fully stocked and waiting for guests to enjoy!   (The owners' rental listing simply says that "guests are asked to replace what they use").  So,  check this out for apres-ski...

If you ask me, Valhalla Lodge looks like a fantastic place for a luxury ski vacation...

       ...the house as well as that view are absolutely...remarkable!

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