Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Montana Copper in Moonlight

Montana is one of those special states...with spectacular national parks, vast national forests, and really fantastic ski areas.  Even though I've only spent about ten days there, I (like many other Americans) feel a kind of kinship connection with Montana;  I guess that's because of the all of the beautiful public land there.  That's why, after this week's US Supreme Court decision regarding corporate campaign financing in Montana, I had to turn my attention to that state...for a history lesson as well as a ski house.  I learned about the corruption of the "Copper Kings" who used their vast fortunes to control lives, livelihoods, and politics in Montana's copper mining heyday, and about the (recently-rendered powerless) Montana state law wherein Montanans reined-in that corruption for the past 100 years.  Montana copper was the stuff of many things--among them wealth, power, and corruption.  Whatever you think of the recent court decision, there's no denying that copper is a rich part of Montana history.

So, where's the Montana copper of today?  Check out the ski houses!  Numerous Montana ski houses are adorned with beautiful copper features....many with hammered copper sinks, and a few with copper counters, but here's one I couldn't resist:  a Montana ski house with a copper claw-foot stlye soaking tub!

I've heard of the health benefits of wearing copper jewelry...and whether or not copper has that magical power, I think there would definitely be an emotional health benefit of an apres-ski soak in this unique, stunning tub!  The copper tub is part of the gorgeous Reed Lodge, today's Ski House of the Day.  The house is located directly on a ski trail in Montana's beautiful Moonlight Basin:

This lodge seems to me to be a wonderful combination where the old West meets modern ski style, and where lavish luxury meets the rustic great outdoors:
(Hey, is that actually a copper down-spout from the rain-gutter?).

The average annual snowfall at Moonlight is 400 inches, so this ski house is blanketed in snow much of the time:

When I skied at Moonlight a few years ago, I thought it was a spectacular place (and it was dumping snow!), with many wonderful trails.  This ski house is situated along one of those trails so it has a great ski-in /ski-out location.  (This lodge is available for rent...but, according to the rental listing, you'll need 4-WD to get to it!).  The views all around this great lodge are gorgeous:
It's hard to describe the vastness of the skiing opportunities here...since Moonlight connects to its neighboring ski area, Big Sky, the number of trails and size of the terrain is staggering (not to mention all those chutes up top for you daring experts).  The skiing choices here are unbelievable.

This luxury ski house also has a bit of a rustic feel...with features like a large stone fireplace outside on a covered deck, and the beautiful and very large stone fireplace in the living room:
(Hey, are those copper accents on the hearth?)

The kitchen looks like a perfect place to whip up some comfort food after a full ski-day!  The many natural elements in this kitchen (like the rough edges of the granite counters) enhance the rustic luxury feel:
(Hey... is that a copper hood over the red stove?...And, are those copper sinks?)

Look at the beautiful view and the luxurious furnishings in the master the beautiful brass bed:
(By the way, brass consists mostly copper!)

The lodge has 4+ bedrooms, including this lavishly furnished one:

...and this bunk room for the kids:

And as you might expect, there's plenty for apres-ski fun in this ski house...from its nicely equipped game-room... its well-situated outdoor hot the snow!

There's luxury in this lodge alright, some of which leads to tough choices:  like whether to soak your tired skiers legs under the warm snow-reflected sunshine or in Montana moonlight...and more importantly, whether to soak  in the snowy hot tub...or in the unique copper tub?...I think my first choice would have to be:  Montana copper in moonlight.

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