Monday, May 7, 2012

Trophy Mountain Chalet

The Ski House of the Day is the Trophy Mountain Chalet...a back-country hut in British Columbia:

The chalet is located deep inside the 1.4 million acre Wells Gray Park in the Canadian Rockies, and belongs to Wells Gray Adventures which offers (guided and self-guided) back-country skiing and other adventures into remote areas of the park.  As a back-country hut, skinning is the way to get there...or you can get a sno-cat ride part of the way in, or a helicopter all the way. The Trophy Hut is environmentally friendly by design, with no running water,  no septic system, etc. The hut sleeps 10-12 people, and its luxury feature is its propane powered sauna (with direct access inside or out to the snow).  Solar energy powers the lights (notice the solar panel across the railing on the upper deck, above).  Typical of a back-country hut, the interior is intentionally pretty basic...and here's what the owners say about that:  

"In the wilderness, the space that was occupied by phones, televisions, vehicles, and computers is filled with the spiritual energy that wild places have."

So...'less is more' at this ski house...for everything except the snow, that is!  It looks like the chalet gets plenty of Cariboo mountain powder:

The setting is absolutely stunning:

And the skiing is:
...awesome, eh?

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