Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ski-Legend's Log Cabin

Utah claims to have the "greatest snow on earth"...which attracts many skiers there every winter to try their technique on the famous Utah powder.  But one person was first...first to actually develop the technique of powder skiing which he perfected at Alta...and that person was Alf Engen, the Norwegian-American ski-legend.  Alf Engen (born on this date in 1909)  had an incredibly extensive ski career with both personal achievements and extensive contributions to the development of the sport of skiing... including having been a champion ski jumper in the 1930's (winning numerous titles), US Olympic team ski member and coach in the 1940's, technical adviser to the National Forest Service, design-adviser of many ski areas (including Alta, Sun Valley, and Jackson Hole), having appeared in 8 full-length movies, having established and directed several ski schools (Alta's among them), having been named to the US Skiing Hall of Fame, having a museum named for him (Alf Engen Ski Museum at the Utah Olympic Park), and having been named Utah's Athlete of the Century!  Wow!  Check out Alf Engen in action in the powder of Utah.

So, The Ski House of the Day is one that is unusually rich in ski history...because it was built by Alf Engen:

The house is a charming, historic log cabin located at the base of the Cottonwood Canyon foothills.  (Amazingly, it is available for rent - in case you want to walk in his footsteps...maybe after taking a lesson at the Alf Engen Ski School at Alta!).  As would be expected the house is perfectly situated to get to that powder at Alta and the other ski areas in the Wasatch Mountains just outside of Salt Lake City!

Although parts of the interior (like this beautiful new kitchen) have been updated...

...the exterior is still the same original quaint log cabin that ski-legend Alf Engen built.
Also original is the cozy stone fireplace that has been "warming skiers for generations":

Outside there's a hot tub, and just inside is a large mud-room/snow-room with plenty of hooks to hang wet ski clothing to dry.   The house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms....I'm wondering whether any of these intriguing furnishings might be original:

And, complementing the rich ski history of this house is the pair of vintage wooden skis on the wall behind the dining table:

"Skiing is a great sport, and Utah has one of the finest natural playgrounds in the world." -Alf Engen

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