Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow Pod in Switzerland

Here's a ski house that I consider to be part igloo, part tent, part luxury hotel room, and part ski house perched in the mountains of Cerniers, Switzerland.  The Ski House of the Day is Pod 13 where you can sleep practically on the snow and under the stars at the eco-friendly White Pod Resort.

The Pod is one of 15 similar pods situated right on a ski slope (part of a private ski area).  Accessible only by ski (or foot), the "houses" that comprise White Pod resemble a collection of giant snowballs perched on the mountainside.

The ski house is a one-room (plus bathroom) energy efficient geodesic dome, with a sitting area, luxury bedding, wood-stove, and an outdoor deck with seating:

According to 1kindesign, the pods have no electricity, but they are kept cozy with an efficient wood-stove.

Destination Design: Whitepod

The interior decor is different in each pod:

Destination Design: Whitepod

Destination Design: Whitepod

And to top it all off, the view from this snowy igloo-like pod is spectacular!

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