Thursday, March 15, 2012

Steamboat Ski House

The Ski House of the Day is the Steamboat Ski House, located less than a mile from the slopes of Steamboat and just a few miles from downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

This is a privately owned home, but the owners run it as a something of a very private guest house, using the upper floor themselves and renting out the private master suite on the first floor (which includes use of various common areas too).  While not for everyone, many skiers would agree that this kind of arrangement is ideal when visiting a new ski area, because it provides not only a comfortable place to stay, but instant local guidance, local skier camaraderie, and assistance in getting to know the best places to ski, dine, and visit!  (It's been years since I was skiing at Steamboat....but this would have been a much better choice than the rental place we locked ourselves out of in Steamboat).


The log furnishings are beautiful:
4__sitting_area_512 is this spa-like shower:


This ski house even has a happy "house dog" to greet you:

There's something very welcoming about this ski house...maybe it's the big sunny windows, maybe the friendly-looking dog (Molly Brown), or maybe it's the attitude summed up in the comment (by The Steamboat Stash pirate) on the Steamboat Guest House website:

“Where ever I have been fortunate enough to travel, I have remained the most connected if I had some piece of experience beyond being a tourist – meeting someone, ‘discovering’ something on my own etc. It makes a difference.” ~ The Steamboat Stash Pirate

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