Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Tracks

My first posting on Ski House of the Day!  It's a big white empty canvas...something like standing on top of the mountain waiting to carve some first tracks.

I became a skier as a teenager…more years ago than I’ll admit.  I’ve skied most of Vermont’s ski areas, plus numerous others in Colorado, Utah, Montana, New York, New Jersey (yes, NJ does have skiing), Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Canada.  From the beginning I’ve been in awe of the impressive houses, inviting ski lodges, unique chalets, and well-positioned condos that I’ve seen along the ski trails, as well as those that I’ve discovered through my extensive ski vacation research.  It’s always important to me to find precisely the right house for every ski trip because I feel that the ski house, in many ways, defines the experience almost as much as the mountain does.

I am not a designer, nor a realtor, nor architect, nor home builder…I am a skier.  And I am mom to two other skiers.  So, I see each ski house through the lens of a skier’s goggles.  Every time I catch a glimpse of a ski house I immediately consider its access to the slopes, or its fireplace for thawing my frostbitten toes, or its bunk-room for all the kids who might be skiing with us, or how I might soothe my aching muscles après-ski in its hot tub, or its potential mountain views, or all of the many other skier-specific amenities it might have.  I also know first-hand the joys and challenges of owning a ski house.  Every ski house that I encounter inspires a new narrative…I envision skiing from it and enjoying life in it.  I love to ski, I love to discover unique, appealing, interesting houses, and so, I love to imagine my own skiing experience in each unique Ski House of the Day.

So here goes,  first the Ski House of the Day!  Hope you'll enjoy the run as much as I will.  Thanks for sharing in the adventure!

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