Thursday, May 22, 2014

Casa de Esqui

Looking forward to the upcoming South American ski season ... The Ski House of the Day is Casa Farellones on the mountain in Farellones, Chile.

This stylish luxury ski chalet is located one hour from Santiago, and is within minutes of three popular ski resorts:  El Colorado, La Parva, and Valle Nevado.  You can even walk or ski to the lifts at Farellones...and that's something I love about any ski house!  (And it looks like it's a nice ride from El Colorado to Farrellones on the slopes).

This huge and gorgeous house is actually divided into three apartments with a flexible configuration so that as much or as little can be combined / divided, as needed.  Smart design, I'd say.

So, the first thing I notice about this ski house is this really spectacular and inviting...garage!  Huh?  Garage?  I'm not usually one who cares much about garages, but this one is bright, spacious, attractive and overall pretty special!  (Update:  The owner has told me that since this photo was taken, they have added a cool bunk room above part of this garage - even better!):

The entrance area echos the South American flavor a bit, with combined influences Asian, culture, and local color wrapped in a snowy package - perfect.

The kitchen and dining areas (the photos shown are a combination of all three apartments) are modern and inviting, with a touch of a rustic feel that most skiers can appreciate:

And...check out this grill with a view!  Who wouldn't want to be the grill chef here? Pretty spectacular:

I love that the window is uncluttered and wide open to this view, and that the bed faces it to take full advantage of the beautiful view of the mountains:

And for the icing on the cake, there's a hot tub in the snow, with a wind-break along the side and unobstructed views all around (check out the view reflected in the window):


Me encanta esta casa de esqui!

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