Friday, April 4, 2014

Golden Opportunity, Slopestyle

Like other Americans, I was proud as I watched Sage Kostenburg win the first ever gold medal in Slopestyle Snowboarding recently in the 2014 Winter Olympics.  It was awesome to see him tear it up in Sochi. Congrats and thanks to Sage for the opportunity to ride along with him on that mountain of American pride!

In honor of Sage's Olympic Gold, the Ski House of the Day (...or maybe this time I should tweak it to Snowboard House of the Day...) is one in Sage's hometown, Park City, Utah.  

This house was recently on the market but here's the twist:  as it turns out, Sage's snowboarding Dad is among the real estate agents selling this cool house!

I'd say that the style of this house is, well, "slopestyle".....!  It's a compact yet spacious house within walking distance of the slopes of Park City Mountain.  This mountain was the site of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics' snowboarding events which Sage remembers watching at age 8 and, according to what he told Good Morning America, watching that "got me so stoked about snowboarding." 

The house has a sturdy, historic Old Town look on the outside, reminiscent of the mining town that Park City was (silver mines, and "gold" as well). On the inside the house has a sleek, modern style:

I like the stacked stone fireplace facing the living area and kitchen. There are upscale finishes including the flooring in the living area which appears to be slate - perfect for the Utah pow that might find its way inside.  

This inviting house has a spacious master bedroom with a vaulted ceiling and its own balcony:
\ two other bedrooms....plenty of room for the whole crew.

There are two bathrooms; and I absolutely love the beautiful over-sized shower: 

It's handy that the house has a garage - great place to stow the snowboards and other gear.

There's also a hot tub out on the deck overlooking the beautiful mountains of Park City where Sage Kostenburg perfected his tricks:

I like this house and its "slopestyle" vibe.  It could be a golden opportunity to get out there and shred Park City.  Like Sage, it's a slopestyle winner!

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