Friday, June 14, 2013

Ski Barn

Here's a ski house that is a unique, and beautiful's old and it's new; it's a house and it's a barn;  it's modern yet historic;  its frame was constructed probably about a century ago, yet the house was completed just a few years ago.  The Ski House of the Day is this unique Ski Barn, at Sugarbush.  This charming ski house was constructed around an antique timber frame Vermont barn.

The ski house sits on nearly 5 acres along the sno-cat trail that connects with Sugarbush allowing for skiing back in to the house.  Nice spot!

The house has a somewhat understated exterior that seems to me to be true to its original life as a barn.  The metal roof and the sugar house style cupola add to the quaint Vermont barn character of the house:

Inside, the high-end finishes are modern and beautiful, yet those antique barn timbers are never far away:
This 5-bedroom ski house is on the market right now (asking price is $795,000); so it looks like a new family of skiers will have the unique opportunity to ponder the history of these aged timbers while they sit in front of the cozy stone fireplace....

...or climb the stairs...

......or gaze up at the barn timber details of the antique barn cupola...

I think it's great that a piece of Vermont history can be preserved at the same time a modern ski home is created, and I think this is a beautiful, modern ski house...that is also a sweet piece of Vermont's past.


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