Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bohemian Yurt

Extreme skiing in ...Michigan?  Who knew?  The Ski House of the Day is at Mount Bohemia, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

With an average snowfall of 273" in the Keweenaw Peninsula, Mount Bohemia has lots of untouched "powder,"  in fact they claim that the lake effect snow is similar to the dry powder of the western resorts!  Bohemia has only 900' of vertical drop, but claims 85 runs.  But here's the thing:  Bohemia got 314 inches this past season.  And since they do not groom it, there's a lot of powder to be had.  They claim to be the backcountry skier's hidden treasure of the Midwest, and others agree; according to the resort's website, Mount Bohemia has been called one of the top ten undiscovered ski resorts in the world, by

So, the Ski House of the Day is a trail-side yurt right in that fluffy deep powder on Mount Bohemia:

The yurt is one of several in the yurt village:

The basics inside the yurt include sturdy log bunk beds, and other comforts like a bathroom and electricity:

I'd call it a Bohemian ski house in a pretty cool , Bohemian location.

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