Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Log Ski House in Amazing Alta Powder

The ski season is technically winding down now but the snow is still falling in the Wasatch Mountains...and on the slopes of Alta.   Alta's reputation for amazing snow and spectacular skiing is well known and well deserved.  But it also seems to have a magical combination of an unbelievable setting, a rich skiing history, and a distinct personality with a vibe all its own.   Alta has been a mecca for skiers for decades;  so, a ski house in a location like this could just be the holy grail for some lucky skier.

Situated up above the town of Alta, and directly on the slopes, the Ski House of the Day is this stunning snow-covered log home:

 Almost the highest house on the mountain, the exclusive location does not get any better than this for a skier...and it doesn't get any more ski-in / ski-out than this "Supreme" spot (not far from Alta's Supreme Lift).  The house is in an area know as Albion Alps...where the rough dirt road gets blanketed with deep powder early in the ski season, and it stays that way until the spring/summer thaw. This is "snow-machine only" terrain...inaccessible by car during ski season, with cat-tracks the only hint of a road at this time of year.  If you're fit and equipped for the trek, it may be possible to hike up from a parking lot at a lower altitude, but that red snow-cat sitting in front of the house looks like the perfect ride over the snow!  The house is on the market right now (asking price: $1.8 million...snow-cat included!).  During a typical mid-winter there's even more snow around this house than what's shown in the above photo!

And skiing back to this house from the slopes above is picture perfect - a skier's view from one of the trails leading back down to this area is gorgeous.

Quite possibly the ultimate skier's house, this charming, sturdy log home was built in 1981, so it's seen its share of deep Alta powder on the roof over the years.  Inside it has three cozy bedrooms...

...a classic log-home living room (with a stone fireplace on the other side of the room)...

 ....and a charmingly rustic-modern alpine kitchen:

I think log house is outstanding, but, being on the slopes of Alta...it is the amazing powder snow just outside that is the real reason to be in this "ski-in ski-out" log house:

I guess, here, "ski-out" means that sometimes you have to go upstairs to do it.  Amazing Alta powder!

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