Monday, October 8, 2012

Whistler Ski Chalet

In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving, which is today, the Ski House of the Day is, of course, in Canada!  It is this beautiful Horstman Estates chalet located in Whistler:
This ski house is located right on Blackcomb Mountain;  and from the house it's just a few minutes walk to the ski lift.  With Whistler's average of 39 feet of snow per year, this chalet is probably blanketed in white for a good part of the year, so that unique roof over the back steps is surely a very nice feature.

I love this chalet's open concept living area, with its warm, inviting fireplace, woodwork and furnishings...and I especially love the artistic, decorative wooden skiers up on the white walls above the seating area:

The chalet has a really spacious and attractive kitchen.... it looks the perfect place to prepare that big turkey dinner tonight:
...and there's even an additional kitchen there's plenty of oven space to bake those pies for dessert!

With a dining room table that has very comfortable-looking seating for 10....this seems like it would be a beautiful setting to gather for Thanksgiving dinner!

Perhaps best of all is the setting for this ski chalet's private, outdoor hot tub in the snow...absolutely fantastic!

I'd say this is something to be thankful for, eh?   Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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