Monday, August 20, 2012

New Zealand Log Cabin

The Ski House of the Day is this cozy, quaint, romantic log cabin in Ohakune, Central Plateau, New Zealand:
There's a soothing stream running right alongside the cabin, with the contrast of some explosive skiing just a bit further away.

This ski house is a small, basic but charming log cabin with an all-wood interior...and a nice wood-burning fireplace in the living room/lounge (in fact the fire is lit and glowing upon arrival for renters!):

I like how the decor is simple and coordinated throughout the cabin:

The compact kitchen looks nicely appointed and perfect for preparing a hearty skiers meal:

The rustic wood interior adds to the charm of the cabin, and the main bedroom looks peaceful and relaxing:

And the attached bathroom looks surprisingly modern (yet rustic) and perfect for a log cabin:

But here's the thing I really, really like about this ski house...check out the spacious natural stone shower:
For nature lovers (and anyone staying in a log cabin is probably a nature lover) this shower is a very inviting feature.  It's so perfect for a skiers log cabin, and I love it!

The cabin also has a cozy loft bedroom:

There is a beautiful unobstructed view of Mt Ruapehu (on which are New Zealand's two largest ski areas..which, by the way, have received about 15 cm of new snow today) right off the deck of the cabin:

While I'm not so sure about skiing on an active volcano like Mt Ruapehu, the skiing does look great.  Just watch out for the explosive nature of this place... an eruption of New Zealand's beautiful Mt. Ruapehu could provide a dangerous situation, but quite a show!

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