Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MIT Ski House

One hundred and fifty one years ago, on this date (April 10) in 1861, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT,  was founded.  In honor of that, The Ski House of the Day is the MIT Ski House, which is near Sunday River, Maine:

MIT is known for the caliber of its education/research/innovations....representing lots of stressful work for students, no doubt.  Ever wonder where those MIT students might go for a little escape?  Some go here - the MIT Ski House!  The house, an attractive log home that sleeps about 10 people, is a co-op type arrangement for MIT students (apparently independent from MIT itself but established by an MIT alum), as a place to escape to the snow with ease.
Nice outdoor areas like the hot tub and fire-pit for conversation:

...and nice living area with a wood-stove for more conversation:

Not your average college ski house, this place looks really nice:

Considering MIT alumni (like its numerous Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, and other geniuses) I wonder whom among them were/are skiers.....and not only that, but I also wonder what future innovations could be hatching from the conversations in this ski house right now?

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